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Our core team has a huge professional experience and in just 3 years the team has established itself as a reliable partner on the market.
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B2B Scoring

Kcell JSC
A system for building scoring data models for Kcell subscribers with the ability to flexibly rebuild the model online using No Code and Low Code tools.
Customer Experience Management Platform (NPS Surveys)

Kcell JSC
Every client needs to keep informed about how their clients feel about the services they provide. Our client used several online Survey Management Platforms to collect and analyze final data, but none fully met the client's requirements.

The client asked us to deliver a solution that would integrate into their internal database, which they didn't want to expose online; the solution had to be easily configurable by users without prior experience.

We delivered the solution which:
1) Fully replaced legacy systems
2) Integrated client's database with the system to filter data on demand and use that data in survey logic
3) Integrated client's trigger events with the system to launch surveys on demand
4) Introduced no-code functions to let system users configure new surveys by themselves
Implementation and integration of Business Intelligence Tools

Introduced ApacheSuperset, configured Company DataWarehouse, and configured data collection so that data is collected precisely and in the right structure.
Data Synchronization Tool

The tool helps to sync data between multiple systems on a regular basis. Such synchronization is necessary in several cases, in this case, data is synchronized from the old Sales Automation System to the new one implemented on the basis of HubSpot CRM and in the Data Warehouse.
Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Platform for a mobile virtual operator including billing, a catalog of product offers, a system for connecting product offers, a system for collecting, storing and managing information about free and paid Wifi points Worldwide, integration with the Izi product from Beeline Kazakhstan, a Firmware update management system on all Nommi devices, integration with mobile operators to manage virtual SIM cards.
e-Money Platform

Payment Industries Technologies
Electronic wallet - payments and transfers by phone number.
Internet Acquiring

Payment Industries Technologies
Internet acquiring, acceptance of payments on the site from bank cards and payments to cards, aggregation of payments.
Whatsapp-chat and messaging

Kcell JSC
Mass send template text messages on Whatsapp using WABA API, single window contact with customer service agent via text and media messages, autoresponder bot, automatic mailing reports, campaign scheduling and many other features.
Instant Subscriber Availability Check

Kcell JSC
A system that allows you to find out whether a subscriber is currently active in the network or not using the capabilities of the SMPP protocol.
Network Equipment Sales Automation Portal

A platform for electronic trading in network equipment with an automatic and customizable deep filter for all available equipment characteristics, a server hardware designer, integration with HubSpot CRM, HubSpot CMS.
Umbrella Super App

Enterprise Super App, with flexible opportunities for system development in breadth due to not only microservice architecture on the backend side, but also microservice architecture on the frontend side.
Umbrella ESB

The company's central integration bus that provides simplified and unified access via API to all company systems, as well as unification of access to the API.
Food Delivery App

A startup aggregator of restaurants that organizes food delivery, automates the ordering process, order queues and order processing by the restaurant.
EventTech App

Startup aggregator for organizing events such as birthdays, weddings, etc. with the possibility of automating all related processes.