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We create efficient software solutions for the growth and prosperity of your business.
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Does the existing software no longer meet all your needs? Heading to the next level? We created software for large corporations, made a complete transformation into the Digital environment, created large IT ecosystems.
Buying ready-made software? Do you need a team to integrate a new system into the existing infrastructure? We know and we can.
Do you have a cool business idea, but no experience in organizing the technical part? We can help to fast start, deliver the entire solution, build your own internal technical team, and finally hand over the final product to the internal team!
Our Tech Stack
The speed of technology changes has gained crazy momentum, we are trying to be in trend and use the most modern and promising.
  • Programming languages
    Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Frameworks
    Spring Framework, NodeJS, NestJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS
  • Mobile Development
    Android, iOS, Flutter, ReactNative
  • SaaS/PaaS
    Amazon WS EC2/RDS/LBS/Lambdas/Route 53, Digital Ocean, HubSpot, Twilio, Calendly, Zapier, Tilda, Stripe, Square, Airtable, Calendly, Azure AD, CDN,
  • Databases
    Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Cassandra
  • Business Processes
    Camunda, Zeebe
  • BI Tools
    Metabase BI, Apache Superset, Apache Debezium
  • Other
    Telegram Bots, Whatsapp API, Asterisk, SMPP, SS7/Sigtran, Gitlab CI/CD, Bitbucket CI/CD, Docker, Ansible, Kibana, LogStash, Apache NiFi, DataDog, BTS Digital ID, 1C МФО, Auth0, Firebase, RabbitMQ, ПКБ, КАТО, 1С, SMSC, EveNg, GraphQL, Swagger/Open API, Spark, Apache Mesos, ionic, HashiCorp Vault
What do we focus on?
We have a fairly broad specialization, but the main areas in which we are well versed are presented below.
We lived the whole life in Telecom :) We survived 4 billing migrations, developed integration buses, CRM, demand management, business processes, participated in the launch of the international Mobile Virtual Operator - Nommi
Significant part of our teammates are current or former teachers and mentors at universities and software development academies! We are very close to this topic.
We did it all: Internet acquiring, e-wallets, PCI / DSS certification, electronic payments, billing, charging, invoicing!
Food is important :) One of the startups we helped to launch is a local food delivery startup EshFresh.
One of the startups we helped to launch and are now supporting is a local entertainment startup Eventie.
Sales Automation
We did sales automation systems for contract phones, network equipment, telco B2B services, and many more.
Experience in implementing of an IoT solution for a mining company to monitor pumping stations condition.
High Load
High-load systems require a careful choice of technologies and a deep understanding of the latter. We have experience in building systems with the ability to handle a load of 165,000 events per second.
Why us?
To be honest, there are many reasons, but there is one most significant one - we are just crazy about system engineering and optimization!
  • "Top Rated" agency at Upwork
    Our agency on Upwork has grown to Top Rated in only a couple of years, we worked not only with local clients but also with clients in the US and Europe.
  • 30+ completed projects
    Having wealth of experience our team efficiently implemented more than 30 products in a short period of time.
  • Experience in creating large IT solutions
    We have experience in creating large solutions (CRM, ERP, Billing, etc.) and managing large development teams with dozens of participants.
  • 4 successfully launched startups
    Many startups in the beginning of their journey face lack of technical and product management expertise - we can help. We did it for 4 successful startups by merging with the team, providing them both technical and product management expertise, and finally helping them to grow their own tech team.
  • Vast Experience
    We pay a great amount of attention to our teammates, the vast majority of the team are highly experienced professionals: programmers, architects, and analysts with more than 15 years of experience in the industry.
  • We do understand Enterprise
    Having experience "from the inside" we well understand how large companies function, we know from experience many of the difficulties that large companies face, especially those operating in the field of telecommunications and sales.
Our approach is cooperation
We do not just develop software, we try to think like business partners, among other things, which are:
  • We dive in to client's ecosystem
    Understanding the client's ecosystem has a great impact on the successful product implementation and its final integration into the existing ecosystem.
  • We design carefully
    Software evolves with time - new conditions, new requirements. The initial quality of the development as well as the quality of the initial design gives the necessary advantage in the future.
  • We bring things to fruition
    We get down to business with enthusiasm and we perceive the implementation of the project as a personal matter :)
Feedback from our clients
Some of our clients
  • Kcell
  • Beeline
  • PiTech
  • PivitGlobal
  • Eventie
  • Nommi
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How we are working?
We have experience in applying both Agile and Waterfall methodologies and apply them depending on a variety of conditions, including the parameters of the project being implemented, time and financial constraints, the parameters of the customer's company, etc.

Regardless of the methodology, the next steps are the same:

We delve into the client's needs, and carefully capture all the requirements to better manage client expectations.

Architectural engineering and design
We carefully think through the details and the concept before getting our hands dirty with coding. Saves a lot of time and raises the quality of the final product.
We stick to the Clean Code. Long lasting solutions has to be coded right.
Beta testing
Automated testing, QA, manual testing, acceptance testing, security testing
We enable monitoring, launch, and stay on alert :)
Supporting what's developed
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